Current Issue

#19-20, Power and Money

An issue exploring the entwined themes of power and money.


A Way of Seeing: Immaculata Abba

To see that when we look up from our lives, this is what we look like and this is what other human beings like us look like, that this is what we have been and this is what we could be.

Past Issues

Special Issue: Etisalat Prize

A special issue on the Etisalat Prize for Literature 2015.

#18, Crime

On crime.

Special Issue: Literary Festivals

A special issue on African literary festivals.

#17, Survival

The value of survival.

Special Issue: Displacement

Stories, drawings, and photographs illuminating displacement.

#16, Solitude

On being alone.

#15, History

A look at history.

May the Odds Be in our Favour

‘I finally understand why people like Chike keep on betting, irrespective of their losses. It is the same reason I keep writing despite the showers of rejection mails.’


He looked up, through bloodied eyes, at the people battering him, and his lips curved into a smile.

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